HXP CTF 2017

Info: wreckme update! (check description)
Info: 4TRUN new downloadable! (thx q3k)
Hint: New hint for sound_der_fabrik!
Hint: New hint for qemuarm!

The CTF is over, thanks for playing! hxp <3 you! 😊
This is a static mirror, we try to keep files online but all services will be down. If you need anything else please contact us.


d4rkc0de identifies as "Attack Helicopter", is affiliated with IIIT Delhi and has 2 players.

Time Solved
11-19 08:25:45 cloud18
11-19 07:36:10 haveibeenpwning
11-18 18:43:59 fibonacci
11-17 22:09:00 helloworld
11-17 22:08:07 aleph1