HXP CTF 2017

Info: wreckme update! (check description)
Info: 4TRUN new downloadable! (thx q3k)
Hint: New hint for sound_der_fabrik!
Hint: New hint for qemuarm!

The CTF is over, thanks for playing! hxp <3 you! 😊
This is a static mirror, we try to keep files online but all services will be down. If you need anything else please contact us.


Flavour text

Our inside man in Company $x made us aware of a new DRM schem they are employing. By accident he was able to aquire the program they use to encode their data with (rev.cmp), unfortunately the decoding algorithm was out of his reach. Internal documents state, that they use a custom, highly secure, state of the art virtual machine (VM). Quickly thinking he punched a whole, with a round house kick, into the firewall to make the VM reachable from the internet. From promotional documents he also recoverd a second program, ‘BrainFuckInterpreter.cmp’. The name speeks for itself.

Your goal

400 Basepoints + 100 Bonuspoints * min(1, 3/1 Solves) = 500 Points

Solved by:

Team Time
LC↯BC 2017-11-18 09:07:37 +0000 UTC